How to make your OC into a Taum?

Just a few days ago, LordMarlon asked me what the process for making personal characters or oc's into taums!

To me this is a very easy thing, and I know I've been asked by a few others.

It's much safer to keep the design or sell both forms of that character together

In short - this is a guide on how to Taumify your OC, if you sell/give/trade off your Taum or OC and it causes problems. It is on you. I do my best to help prevent these issues but once it's done, it's done and I can't do anything about it.

If you make a Taum from a personal character, something special to you, or close to you. That will mean there is now a Taum version of it, that Taum version is a very dear and special design. If you sell it, trade it, gift it away then you just gave that personal character (or the Taum version of it) to someone else. And the owner of the Taum, gets all the rights of owning this little Taum design. You can specify things in your trade, but it's much much safer if you just keep the design.

For example, LordMarlon decides to sell her Lauren design Taum off to someone. Now someone who isn't LordMarlon has a Lauren design Taum. It will be theirs to do whatever they wish of it (following TOS of course).

I hope this helps you guys out and prevents doubles from happening. I do everything in my power to help people out and prevent these issues.

Just be careful about that kind of stuff y'know! If you're ever unsure you can always ask me!